If you could feel the presence of a ghost in your dream, this might suggest you are trying to avoid some issues from you past which are still affecting your present waking life.

We find out what it means to dream about a ghost

We find out what it means to dream about a ghost

Another interpretation is that it relates to a haunting of some kind. Perhaps you are haunted by something in your own life- guilt, not reaching your potential, feelings or memories- to name a few.

It is possible something you thought you had put in the past is in fact still very present within you.

Consider who the house belonged to where the haunting was taking place- could it have something to do with the owners?

Were you with someone else? If you were frightened to leave the house and leave this person or people with the ghost, then perhaps you feel you need to protect them right now or they need your support in some way.

You might have an aspect of yourself that you fear and the ghost is a representation of that. Perhaps you are anxious about achieving everything you want to in your life or are afraid of death or dying?

If you were scared by the ghostly presence then perhaps you are feeling pressure from those around you at work or at home. Maybe people are trying to encourage you to do something that is against all of your beliefs and you feel you need to resist them to stay true to yourself.




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