If you saw money in your dream- success and prosperity is within your capabilities.

We find out what it means to dream about money

We find out what it means to dream about money

Money is associated with self-worth and your own values so perhaps you have a lot of belief in yourself lately.

If you found money this is often linked to your feelings surrounding power. You may feel more powerful than you once did thanks to an uplift at work or a windfall. Or perhaps you are striving to bring more money into your life as you the two are so closely linked in your mind.

If you lost money in your dream, perhaps you lack ambition and self-esteem. You are unhappy because you have endured many setbacks in your waking hours. This might have left you feeling weak and like you have no control over your life. What can you do to boost your self-belief again?

To give someone some money or spend money on another person in your dreamscape is suggestive of love. Are you looking for love? Or in the throes of a new relationship?

On the flipside, if you saw someone else give away money and they chose not to offer any to you- you may be feeling neglected or overlooked. Who was it that was dishing out the cash? This may be the very person you believe is ignoring you. If you want more of their attentions and affections it might be time to tell them.

If you were hoarding money or taking a larger share than everyone else- perhaps you are being selfish with your time or your resources lately and it’s starting to give you a negative reputation.

To lend money could be your subconscious warning you not to spread yourself too thinly. You are offering up your resources too freely.

To have no money indicates a fear of losing your sense of self or your place in the world. Perhaps you don’t have the abilities you need to achieve a goal at present. What do you need to do in order to prepare yourself better?

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