Dreaming about painting generally means you are trying to cover something up.

We find out what it means to dream about painting

We find out what it means to dream about painting

Have you made a mistake lately that you are hiding from someone at work, at home or even yourself? Perhaps you think by covering it up you will forget about it altogether.

Or are you trying to hide behind a cover if you feel insecure or exposed lately?

Another interpretation is that you have had a change of heart about something- a change in feeling or mind-set. Or perhaps that you need something to change in your life. What plans can you put in place to set this in motion?

It might be as simple as you wanting to change the colour of your home, but it might also mean that you want to change your location, relationship or job to name a few. Consider what is making you unhappy at present and imagine what it would be like to change it.

It is important to consider the context too. If someone was painting with you- are you trying to cover something up together? Are you attempting to make a change as a team, or work together as a unit at your place of employment?

If you liked the colour you were applying to a wall or canvas, then you may be welcoming of the changes happening around you right now. If this is the case- enjoy them.

If you found the colour ugly then you might be reacting badly to the alterations that are happening in your waking hours. Can you put a stop to them? Or do you need to accept that they are an inevitable part of life?

One thought process is that painting something a solid colour represents a clean slate and therefore might be indicative of potential or possibilities that you crave or sense are coming your way.

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