To see a ship in your dream suggests that you are exploring your own emotions and subconscious.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Consider the condition the ship was in as this will give you greater insight into the state of your emotions.

If it was stormy outside and you were on a ship- then you may be enduring some difficult times in your waking hours.

Take note of what type of ship it was too- if it was a cruise ship, then pleasant times lie ahead. If it was a warship, then you may be angry right now or feel that you’re in battle with someone. A tanker means that you are keeping all your feelings locked inside. Is it time to let them out?

If you were sailing in rough seas, you are getting on with things even if your life is in turmoil right now.

If the ship had crashed or sunken, you may be feeling out of control at present. You fear losing something or someone.

If you were abandoning a ship, the dream is telling you to let go and move on. Don’t let your emotions hold you back.

The dream could also be a pun for ‘jumping ship’- perhaps you have changed your mind about something recently or are changing sides. It’s possible someone you have been defending isn’t who you thought they were and therefore not worth your support.

Another interpretation is that you have it within you to make a long trip, even if you think you lack the confidence, you might be stronger than you think. Perhaps such a trip will give you the space to think about what you really want and process your emotions.

If the ship was somewhere you would not expect it to be- you may have recently received some news that you weren't prepared for or you feel out of place at home or at work currently.

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