If you have a fear of snakes and you see one in your dream, it's tempting to see it as a bad omen or something to be frightened of however snakes can represent positive change.

We find out what it means to dream about a snake

We find out what it means to dream about a snake

Snakes are often about shedding an image you have of yourself that is no longer useful or productive.

For instance, you may have held a belief about yourself for a long time that's damaging your confidence or your opinion. You have a negative perception of your worth.

Dreaming about a snake is about you letting go of this negativity because it serves no purpose than to cause you pain. Or at the very least it’s encouraging you to release these thoughts.

You might have dreamed about such a creature because you now feel able to let go of any hurt. It’s possible you have found the answer to a problem you have been enduring for a while.

Consequently, snakes represent healing and the resolution of issues in your life and the transition and transformation that goes along with your rebirth.

Snakes are also unpredictable creatures so perhaps it represents a feeling of being out of control and that someone or something could strike at any time. You feel powerless to stop something.

More negatively, given that snakes are good at camouflaging themselves and hiding- the dream could be linked to a hidden threat or perhaps someone has or is about to betray you. With that said, if you were able to find and kill the snake, then the threat has passed, or you are/will be able to overcome it.

A snake in water is generally thought to be a symbol of the subconscious so perhaps you need to dig deeper to find the answers you are looking for.

Snake is a word often used to describe someone evil, callous or ruthless. If there was someone in the dream with you- perhaps you need to be wary of this person as they may be out to hurt you. It may be prudent not to trust them.

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