If you expected to find treasure in your dream and didn't- this might your subconscious teaching you how to deal with disappointment.

We find out what it means to dream about a treasure chest

We find out what it means to dream about a treasure chest

Perhaps you have a history of not dealing with it too well or are struggling with it at present.

If you were opening a chest in your dream- this can mean that you're now aware of something that you've kept hidden from others- something about yourself- a feeling, an action or a passion for instance.

If there was something in the chest that was not of obvious value- perhaps you are someone who sees something special in or a use for everything despite how much it costs.

On the other hand, you may have wanted more from the chest, in which case- it might be worth thinking again about what was in it. Perhaps it has more meaning than you first thought but you are too preoccupied with material possessions.

Another viewpoint is that you have some hidden talents you have not yet explored. It might be time to try something new or attempt to spend more time on something you love but have perhaps neglected. If you feel like you have kept a side of yourself locked up- now might be the time to open up that potential and embrace it for all its richness.

One further interpretation is that you feel secure and belong at home or at work. You are content with where you are in a situation or with a person or a group of people and you don’t want to open it up to anyone else.

Looking into the chest suggests you might have tried to recall or replicate something from your past in real life lately or maybe need to. A time when you were happy, a time when you had something you don't have now or vice versa.

Source: www.edreaminterpretation.org


The Complete A-Z Dictionary of Dreams by Ian Wallace

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