Dreaming of an old boss is often about you thinking about people in power in your life. Or perhaps you are focusing on certain rules and regulations at work or guidelines you have set for yourself personally or at home.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps there have been some new policies put in place in your workplace, you have set yourself a goal to reach that's just for you- or you and your partner have been putting plans in place to reach another milestone in your relationship.

It can also show that you are having to go 'back to basics' in your current job in order to move forward. Maybe you have moved offices and have to settle into your new environment or you have to tackle something simple before you are able to build upon it and deal with the more complex issues.

If you dream about a boss whom you worked well with, this is generally good and helpful to you.

If they were praising you then it could mean something good is coming your way at work; a promotion, more money or a new business decision that will benefit you and your colleagues in some way.

Seeing your boss from your old job usually links in with what was happening at the time you worked for them and is repeating itself now. Perhaps a relationship started while you were working for them or something significant in your life happened while they were your superior that has arisen again.

You might have seen them on social media and what they are doing relates to what is going on in your life right now.

If you are going through a lot of stress at work at the moment, it could be that seeing your old boss is a reminder to you to keep focused and your head own until the job is finished.

Dreaming about your boss is usually a sign that you asserting yourself to make a big decision in your life. It is about empowering yourself to have the authority to act on your goals and take control of your own destiny.

You may be having trouble handling the needs and wants of a person in a superior position to you too and feel you can't tell them- this could be your boss or someone else of authority.

It could also mean that you are so absorbed by your career that your home life is suffering and you need to spend more time on creating a better work/life balance.

Dreaming about your boss may also reflect your feelings of not being able to express your true self in your day to day working life. Perhaps you need to talk to your boss about training or a promotion if you feel you're not reaching your true potential?

Fighting with your boss in a dream implies that you might be dealing with some inner conflict or guilt. It may be time to bring it to the surface and take action or at the very least bring it to the forefront of your mind and have the courage to at least look at it.

You may also have been suppressing your true feelings about something in the workplace or at home. Now might be the time to be honest with someone in your personal life or to discuss your options with a superior.

It could also be a reflection of an ongoing fight you are having in your waking life with a friend or family member. Your unconscious may be telling you it's time to find a resolution for the problems you have been having with others or something you have been wrestling with inside.

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