Pregnancy can have lots of different meanings- generally, it's indicative of the growth and development of something.

We find out what it means to dream about pregnancy

We find out what it means to dream about pregnancy

An idea, a new job, a project, something creative- perhaps you are ready to bring something new into this world- not necessarily a baby- but something else.

You may be reluctant to or think it's a bad idea, but the dream could be telling you to give it a try.

If you are not ready to talk about it or act on it- that’s ok- but let the idea percolate.

Another thought process is that it refers to the birth of something. Maybe you feel you are growing and developing at a different rate to someone close to you. Perhaps you think you can’t keep up with them. Try to remember that everyone progresses at different rates and to focus on your own achievements rather than comparing yourself to others.

It can also be related to anxiety. If you aren't pregnant, feeling anxious about pregnancy might be a reflection your fears about something else. What are you afraid of?

To dream about a surprise pregnancy suggests that you are in denial about something and have a habit of ignoring things until you have to address them. Do you need to tackle things sooner?

If you and a partner are trying to get pregnant- this dream could be simply mirroring of your desire to be a parent.

When unhappiness is associated with pregnancy in a dream, it could mean that you have a fear of new responsibilities.

To be pregnant and lose a baby refers to something you have invested a lot of yourself in that is now falling apart.

If you are pregnant- the dream is often about the normal and natural worries you have related to pregnancy and birth.

To be cut open while pregnant in a dream is thought to represent feelings of being unprepared for the upcoming changes in your life. You have been put into a situation that you have on control over. Perhaps you just need to do your best.


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