Hi Lucy,

What does it mean?

What does it mean?

My partner told all his friends we were having a baby but I wasn't pregnant and I'm not pregnant in real life either…

Hi Rebecca,

Pregnancy can have lots of different meanings- generally, it's indicative of the birth of something. An idea, a new job, a project, something creative- perhaps your partner is willing to bring something new into this world with you- not necessarily a baby- but something else and you are reluctant to or think it's a bad idea. A project in the home, a joint business or a pet maybe.

Another thought process is that it refers to growth and development. Maybe you feel that your partner is growing and developing at a different rate to you and you are trying to reign them in because you feel you can't keep up or don't want to.

It can also be related to anxiety. If you aren't pregnant, feeling anxious about thought of being pregnant can actually mean you are fearful to start a new project or career. This might be s joint effort with your partner or it could be something that's just for you.

It might be worth thinking about what your feelings are towards pregnancy. If you are fearful of getting pregnant or think you aren't ready, but your partner is- this might be why you had the dream.

Source: www.mindfuldreamer.com

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