Dreaming about chickens is usually a reflection of you ruling over something in your own life. It may be a new thing you have taken control of in your personal time, such as your finances for instance or it may be something that you have been in control of for a while and you've just realised its importance or value in your workplace or at home.

We find out what it means to dream about chicken

We find out what it means to dream about chicken

It's also possible that lately, you have been less afraid of expressing your ability to exert some authority over a part of your life. Maybe people have been welcoming or grateful of your assertiveness as it takes the burden from them and they have something less to worry about.

If it has been in the workplace, perhaps you have shown some initiative rather than relying on being told what do to from above and taken more responsibility in your role.

If you are a vegetarian and were eating meat in your dream it could mean that you are struggling with something in your personal life that you find unacceptable, unsavoury or distasteful.

Perhaps you have done something lately that goes against your core values or someone close to you has and you are finding it difficult to hear about and stand by this person when it goes against your own beliefs.

If you have been worried about your protein intake since becoming vegetarian then it could be your unconscious telling you to eat more to nourish your body with what its craving.

It could also be a representation of your animal instincts- do you feel that your basic needs are not being addressed right now? You might feel that you or someone close to you is neglecting the simple things you need for happiness or satisfaction.

Source: The A-Z Dictionary of Dreams by Ian Wallace


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