Photo Credit: Pixabay
Photo Credit: Pixabay

A positive pregnancy test can mean different things depending on the rest of your dream! For example, it could mean that it’s time for some change in your life. You might be avoiding giving serious thought to pushing yourself or to change your career and moving in different directions.

If you see yourself taking the test on the toilet it may be that you're struggling to move forward in life. You might be finding it hard to move forward in a relationship or are maybe worried about the lack of promotions you're picking up at work.

If you see the test result on the test it suggests that you're being tested or judged in life. Are you judged at work, or by friends for a relationship? Similarly, if the dream turns into a nightmare it might mean that you're worried those close to you are gossiping behind your back.

Seeing someone you don’t know take the test can signify that you think you're going to be judged by people you don’t know, so perhaps you should take a look at some of the important decisions you're making in life and be sure you're going in the right decision.

Some people have dreams of a positive pregnancy test after taking a test when they’re awake and finding out they’re pregnant. This of course would just be a dream mimicking your real life!

Words by Vienna Bottoms, who you can follow on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE.

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