Sometimes it feels like you just can't get away from politics. It dominates the news so it's likely to leak into your dreams too. But dreams are often representative of our waking lives, so what can it mean when our sleep adventures are filled with politicians?

If you dream that you yourself are a politician then it could mean that you are misleading someone or else being manipulative, and somewhere deep down you know your behaviour's wrong. Perhaps you are putting pressure on someone or a group of people to support you and your ideas by any means necessary.


Alternatively, if you see a politician in your dream, this could be a message that you need to pick a side in a conflict that you are involved in in your waking life. Perhaps it's a major business decision, or else just two close friends who are currently at odds. Either way, it's time to weigh up your options and decide where your allegiance lies.

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It could also represent a person with a desire for power. Perhaps you know someone who is desperate to be respected or is chasing a high-ranking position at work. Or maybe it's you yourself with a lust for power, in which case it's time to analyse what you want to get out of this ambition in the long-term.

Other interpretations suggest that if you dream you are a politician, it could be because you've been doing a lot of talking and very little action in terms of your values and ambitions.

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Finally, if politics are entering your dreams and you are pouring over political news articles and reports all day every day as well, that suggests that you're in danger of letting things outside of your control cause you undue stress. It's time to focus on your own life and being the best person you can be.

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