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Photo Credit: Pixabay

Being shot or being shot at in a dream can indicate many things depending on your circumstances and the context of the dream.

One interpretation is Psychological Projection. This is a defence mechanism that people subconsciously use in order to cope with difficult feelings or emotions. It involves projecting undesirable feelings onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with your feelings. It might be time to talk about things that are on your mind, with people you need to talk to.

Being shot with an arrow connects with matters of your heart. Maybe you need to think more of your emotions and desires instead of thinking of others or pushing your feelings away. If you see your attacker and it’s a single arrow then it might relate to any rivalry and jealousy in your life. Is there jealousy in your relationship or a friendship that might be causing rivalry? Do you have to fight for attention or is there someone trying to take a loved one away from you?

Several arrows indicates that you are overwhelmed with emotions and also refers to jealousy and harsh words that may hurt you. Maybe it’s time for you to speak up about your emotions and things that are bothering you instead of keeping it to yourself.

Being shot with a gun usually refers to a fight for survival. How serious the fight may be depends on the type of gun and the number of attackers. If there are too many shooters in your dream you might be overwhelmed or overworked in life, making you feel weaker than those around you. Maybe you feel unappreciated at work or in a relationship.

These dreams may also mean that you are being abused or oppressed by someone in your life.

If you see tanks and bombs and you've been shot, then maybe you have some conflicts with politics or political power. You may feel like a victim of governmental organisation. If you are shot in a war it could reflect on your past experiences.

Being shot in the neck indicates that your mind and heart are in conflict with each other. It may also mean that someone in your life is causing you lots of stress.

If you die of the shot then the dream usually has a positive meaning. It usually means that it’s the end of conflicts or negative situations you might have been in.

Words by Vienna Bottoms, who you can follow on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE.

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