To see a blurry scene in your dream suggests that you are unclear about something that’s going on in your waking hours. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you are unsure about someone or something and you are waiting a little longer before you make a decision about them or it. 

Maybe you want some more information before you come to a conclusion about whether to spend more time with someone or indeed, if an activity is worth your energy and effort. 

If you could make someone else out in the dream, perhaps this is the very person who is trying to make it difficult for you to get some clarity. What is their motivation for preventing you from seeing the whole truth? 

If you were looking at blurry photos from your past, it’s possible your memories of your younger years have faded and you’re struggling to remember a lot of your youth. Do you need to bring these alive by talking to someone who was there with you?

Maybe you don’t want to think back if this was a painful time for you and you are grateful that the images are blurry. Rather than trying to remember, perhaps the kinder thing you can do for yourself is to try and forget. 

To see blurry lines implies that there are boundaries in your life that are being compromised. Do you need to be clearer in what you want and don’t? The dream might be telling you to be firmer in your self-imposed rules or those you share with others. 

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Perhaps someone else is being vague with you and you are looking for some clearer guidelines. Your feelings or your reputation could be at stake if you don’t press for some clarity so it’s prudent that you do.  

Blurry vision could mean you are trying to protect yourself from the reality of a situation you find yourself in at present. Do you need to face the truth and deal with the consequences rather than hiding from what’s really going on?

More simply, if your vision was blurry in your dream, you may be worried about your eyesight. If so, it might be wise to book an eye appointment to get checked out, to put your mind at ease if nothing else. 

If you saw snippets of your life as a blur, the dream could be urging you to not let it pass you by. Perhaps you do the same things every day and so one week blends into the next- it might be time to shake things up a bit and try something new.

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If you are hiding from your problems, the dream might be telling you to pull back the covers and to deal with whatever it is you are trying to disguise or forget about. Consider the emotions you are feeling at present- what do you want to cover up? Embarrassment? Shame? Hurt? Stupidity? Is this wise, or do you need to tackle these head on rather than letting them get the better of you? If you were covering up your naked body, perhaps you feel exposed or vulnerable right now. Is someone trying to get personal details from you that you don’t feel comfortable sharing? Have you overshared lately and regret being so open with another person? To see a bed cover or to snuggle up in one indicates private decisions you have made lately that you know will stay with you or whoever you were in bed with… to read more click HERE 

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