To dream about putting bobbles in your hair suggests you are seeking out a new look for yourself.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you have maintained the same appearance for a while now and you are wanting to change things up- you are ready for something new. 

Or is someone else pressuring you into looking a certain way? If so, perhaps you need to distance yourself from this person if you are not comfortable with the changes they are demanding or encouraging you to make. 

To tie all of your hair up in a bobble could mean that you are ready to get your hands dirty and do some hard work. Try to remember what it was you were about to do in your dream as this will give you an idea of what you need to put more effort and time into in your waking hours. 

Alternatively, if you were removing a bobble from your hair, you may be ready to relax and take some time off. Perhaps you have been working hard lately and you are ready for some respite.  

To remove a bobble in front of someone could mean that you are attracted to this person and want to flirt with them or even explore a relationship. 

To ‘tidy’ your own hair with a bobble indicates something in your life that is messy right now and needs cleaning up- you are experiencing some discontent.  To tidy someone else’s could mean that they need your help to escape the negative situation they have found themselves in. 

Bobbles on a piece of clothing often represent unwanted things. Consider what you are looking to cleanse your life of right now to help you to identify what the bobbles symbolise. 

If you were removing the bobbles with an appropriate piece of kit, maybe you are already trying to purge these unwelcome things from your world. 

A bobble is also a small, round ball of soft material used as a decoration so it’s possible you are missing the festive period if you used these to embellish your tree. Perhaps the dream is telling you not to dwell much in the past few weeks and move on. 

Bobbles are also used as edging on clothing and decorative textiles so perhaps something in your life needs the finishing touch. You are close to completion but some finesse is required to really make it shine. 

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