To dream about a business could be a pun for something not being your business. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Are you involving yourself in someone else’s affairs when it’s not wanted or indeed needed? 

If so, it might be wise to focus on your own life as this is ultimately what should be the most important thing to you. 

If you were setting up your own business, perhaps the dream is encouraging you to think about what life might look like if you were to go it alone and not rely on someone else for your wage. 

Is starting your own business something you have considered before? Or working for yourself? Are you ready to make the break and see where it will take you or do you have things to put in place first? 

If you were striking a business deal, perhaps you want those around you to make some compromises for your sake or maybe you are the one who needs to be more flexible in your waking hours. 

If the business deal was a success- do you want to prove yourself to a superior or elder? If so, why? 

Consider what type of business you were in within the dream as this might give you an area of focus in your life. 

For example, if you were in the food business- do you need to take a closer look at your diet? 

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If you were in a family business in your dreamscape, do you need to invest more in the members that were present? Perhaps you should afford some of your family members more trust or responsibility. 

It could simply mean that you need to spend more time working together on things- and not necessarily of a professional nature. 

If your or a business was failing in your dream- it’s possible some area of your life is struggling right now. 

What is concerning you? Your relationship? Your job? Your friendships? Try to pinpoint what you feel isn’t going so well and direct your focus so you can fix what has gone wrong. 

If business was slack or quiet in the dream, perhaps you will experience a period of calm before things pick up again in some area of your world. It is not a sign of failure, but the natural ebbs and flows of life. 

On the flipside, if business was booming- try not to get complacent- while something might be going incredibly well in your life- it may not always be this way. Enjoy it and try to sustain it as best you can but don’t rely on it too heavily as it might not always be there. 

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