A cane can be an instrument of punishment, a walking stick or a means of holding something up, so let us take each one in turn to find out what it means for your dreamscape.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If someone was beating you with a cane in your dream, perhaps you feel that you should be punished for something you’ve recently done.

If you got away with something you shouldn’t have, perhaps you should view this as lucky escape and shy away from a repeat performance. 

However, if the punishment was fitting, then hopefully this was enough to stop you doing the same thing in the future. 

Consider who was there with you- if the person hitting you with a cane is known to you- perhaps they are trying to punish you for something in your waking hours. Is this fair or unjustified? Either way, perhaps you need to ask them to stop as they may not know they are doing it or distance yourself from this relationship altogether. 

If you were using the cane as a walking stick, you may need some support in an area of your life. Where do you feel you are struggling?

Perhaps you are reluctant to utilise this assistance, however it may be wise to put your pride aside, admit that you need it and take it. 

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Perhaps you no longer need to rely on something you have been for a while. It may be time to let go and the dream is telling you that you are strong enough to go it alone once more. 

If someone else was using a cane in your dream, it may be you they are looking to for support, in which case, give it to them if you can and if their time of need is genuine. 

To dream of a white cane is often thought to mean you are reliant on other people. Perhaps you feel you lean too much on someone- if this is true, do you need to get out of this habit by stepping out on your own?  

If the cane was holding something up that has little or no meaning to you- such as a plant, you might be directing your efforts into something that you don’t feel passionate about. In which case, do you need to move away from the very thing that is draining your time and energy?

A more informal definition of the word cane is to take something in excess or have it in large quantities. 

It’s possible you are overdoing something in your life right now and need to dial things back. This could be anything from drink to food, or exercise to work- whatever you feel has got out of control may need your focus to bring it back to a manageable level once more. 

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