To dream about a cone suggests that you have a flow of ideas and feelings right now.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps your dream is telling you to do more with the information that is flowing freely from your mind. You may not be using it to the best of your abilities or perhaps you aren’t communicating it effectively enough with others.

On the other hand- you might be filled with good ideas at present and your feelings are bubbling at the surface, perhaps you need to find someone you trust to off load to. You might find some benefit in letting them flow.

If you dreamed about a traffic cone, it’s possible you are aware of an upcoming problem in your life. You are working towards a specific goal and you foresee an issue. It may not be a big one- but it’s there, nevertheless.

On the flipside, the problem you see in the future might mean that you need to take a different direction altogether, however you have plenty of notice, so you have time to deviate before you reach the hurdle.

A traffic cone could also represent a need for a new approach. If the current path isn’t working- perhaps you need a change.

There may also be a pause or setback in your progress, but don’t let this encourage you to abandon your route altogether.

Are you paying enough attention to the warning signs that are being given to you? Perhaps you have been deliberately ignoring them or maybe you haven’t; noticed them and need to be more vigilant to the potential risks in a situation in your waking life. Pay closer attention and it may keep you safe.

Consider how you felt in the dream. If you were agitated that there was a traffic cone and it was holding you up- think about the things that are an irritation to you at present. It could be a situation or a person in your working or professional life that is taking up a lot of your attention in negative ways.

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