To dream about drinking a cup of something suggests that you need to reconnect with the person you were with. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you have not seen them in a while and need to get in touch. If you are unable to see them in person, the dream might be telling you to give them a call, write them a letter or drop them a text. 

If you were alone, then maybe the person you need to connect with is yourself. Think about what it is you really want and take the time to listen to your own needs and desires- then act on them. It’s possible you have been focusing all your energies on other people lately and it’s time to spend some of these resources on yourself. 

If you were cupping someone’s face in the dream, it’s possible you care a lot about this person and need to tell them how you feel. 

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If someone was cupping your face, they may have strong feelings about you, however if they are not reciprocated, do you need to tell them before they fall even further in love with you? Maybe you do feel the same about them as they do you- in which case, let them know so they feel secure in your pairing. 

If you were drinking something from a china cup and saucer, perhaps you need to treat yourself more often. The china cup might represent things you never do or use because they are expensive or deemed too good for the everyday. 

Life is too short to deny yourself of the best when it is in your possession already so don’t leave something for another day when you can enjoy it today. 

Along the same vein, a china cup might be a warning to you to handle something delicately in your waking life.  

If you were using a plastic cup, maybe you are being careless at present and people don’t trust you to be careful with the things that are precious. 

This could be people or material things- either way your recklessness has caused damage in the past and it has made people nervous of you. Prove to those who matter that you can be responsible. 

A chipped or broken cup indicates a crack that is starting to show in something in your life. This could be issues within a relationship, uncertainty around your career, worries about your health or problems with family members or friends. 

Something is imperfect in your life right now and only you know how to fix it or indeed if it is worth fixing at all. 

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