To dream about being called a fool suggests that you feel embarrassed about something you’ve done in your waking hours. 

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Perhaps you feel ashamed about your actions or words or you believe it to be the silliest thing you’ve ever done in your life. 

If you are regretting your choices, and it involved embarrassing other people along with you, it might be wise to apologise or explain yourself. 

Or the dream could be telling you to get over yourself and to put it behind you. We all make fools out of ourselves at some point. 

If you were calling someone else a fool in your dream perhaps you feel that they are being ridiculous in your waking hours. 

It’s possible they made a stupid mistake and you still haven’t come to terms with their lapse in judgement. 

Who else was in the dream with you? This might give you greater insight into who you think is acting absudley in your life. 

It could be you who made an error and you are struggling to get over the disruptions it has caused. 

The dream could be acting as a warning to you that you are being deceived. Consider the people in your world who may want to dupe you. It might be prudent to distance yourself from them if you suspect they want to trick you into or out of something. 

Do you need to fool around more? It’s possible you are taking life too seriously right now and need to start having some fun. Try having a joke or a tease with someone and see how you feel.

How did you feel in the dream? A fool is often depicted as a jester or a clown, so it’s possible you have a fear of one of these and the dream was actually a nightmare. 

What is it about clowns or jesters that bring you so much dread? Try to pinpoint what fills you with nervousness as they might represent another waking fear you have right now. 

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