A guru is someone who is skilled in something and who gives advice about the very topic they are well rehearsed in. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps the dream is telling you to offer up your knowledge to someone who needs it- consider those around you who would benefit from your help. 

Perhaps they are too afraid to ask for your assistance, in which case you may need to be the one who makes the first move. 

On the other hand, if someone has asked you for your help and you haven’t given it to them yet, it may be time to make a plan rather than just paying them lip service. 

Alternatively, it’s possible you are forcing your expertise on someone who doesn’t want or need it. They may have sought out someone else to help or maybe they want to learn it on their own terms. 

If you sense that your input isn’t welcome, it may be time to back off. If you persist, it may only cause bad feelings between you and this person. 

Consider who else was with you in the dream for additional meaning. 

Try to remember what type of guru you were in the dream or the kind of guru you were seeking out. This might offer you greater insights. 

For instance if you were a lifestyle guru, perhaps there is something in the way you live your life that could be improved upon. More exercise, better eating habits, more time spent alone- whatever resonates with you.

To seek out a guru who specialises in management, business or leadership, may relate to your working life. What areas would benefit from a greater focus in your professional life?

Along the same vein, a financial guru may mean that you are struggling to manage your money and need to invest it more wisely to examine your spending habits. 

Finally, a personality guru might relate to how you feel about yourself. Are you unsure which personality traits relate to you? Are you feeling lost? If you are having a difficult time defining who you are, it might be time to talk to a professional, trusted friend or family member and share your worries with them. They may be able to help you find your place in the world. 

Are you looking to become a guru in a specific field? Maybe the dream is telling you to persist in learning as much as you can about this area- a mediocre level of knowledge will not suffice if you want to refer to yourself as an authority on a particular discipline. 

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If you are being outrageous or unpredictable, it might be time to dial this back- especially if you have no real motive or destination you are working towards. This lack of direction or purpose will only end in dissatisfaction. It’s fine to be different but only if you are truly invested in the reasons why. If you dreamed of messy curly hair, perhaps something has become unruly in your life at present. This could be a person or a thing, but either way- you need to find some means of preventing the disruption it or them is causing in your world before things get worse...

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