To dream about a hobby suggests that you need something else in your life right now. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you work long hours, devote all of your day to other people or feel you have no time for yourself. 

The dream might be telling you to make time if you think it would help to improve your mental health or overall wellbeing. 

Maybe you had a hobby once that you’ve been meaning to revisit. Now might be the perfect time to do so especially if you are missing it. 

If you are someone who takes up new hobbies often but never sees them through, perhaps you need to give one of these a chance and not drop it when you get bored or things get hard or inconvenient. Try to stick one of them out and just see where it takes you. 

It’s possible you are someone who has so many hobbies that you find it hard to give your full attention to each one. It might be wise to choose one or two and devote all your energies to these to get the most out of them rather than spreading yourself too thinly. 

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Do you have a lot of hobby equipment lying around your home that you don’t use anymore? The dream might be a reminder to you to get rid of these items if they aren’t serving you anymore and taking up valuable space. 

To do a specific hobby in your dream might be related less to the activity and more to whom you were with. If you haven’t seen this companion for a while, it might be time to get in touch. 

If you felt some negativity in the dream while you were practising your hobby, perhaps you no longer enjoy it as much as you thought you did. Did you do it with someone who has now passed and there’s no one else you’d like to pursue it with? Is it time to wave goodbye to this previous interest if it’s no longer bringing you the joy it once did?

On the flipside, if you were doing something that you’ve never entertained before, perhaps the dream is urging you to try it out or just something new. It may be time for a change. 

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