To dream about a line refers to boundaries and rules. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you have crossed a line lately or broken a rule and you are feeling guilty about it. What can you do to make amends or redeem yourself?

Are you over-stretching yourself? Maybe crossing the line was a sign that you are stepping way out of your comfort zone. You may not be ready for this next phase and the line is there for good reason. Use it as a guide so you know when you’ve reached the maximum of your capabilities. 

If you thought you weren’t able to cross a line in your dream, it’s possible that you feel you’re at a standstill at present. What can you do to move the line? Would it be so bad if you passed across it? Is it more of a guideline?

If the line was formed of people or things- the dream might be highlighting to you what is truly important in your life at present. If you aren’t prioritising them, perhaps you need to. 

Consider the phrase, ‘in the line of duty’- perhaps the dream wants you to focus on your profession, especially if you have a position of authority or responsibility. If not, it may refer to whatever you are employed to do.

On the flipside, do you need to spend less time at work and divert your focus to your other passions or the people who mean the most to you? 

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If you were standing in a line with others, consider how far down it you were. Do you feel you should be further up the line? That you are worth more than the position you have been given?

Waiting in line suggests you are feeling impatient for something or someone. Is this thing or person worth the wait or are you better moving to another line and pursuing another future? 

To stand in a line, could mean you are waiting patiently for something- the dream could simply be a reminder to you to carry on doing what you’re doing. That good things come to those who wait. 

If the person you were queuing up to see was someone you care greatly about, do you worry that your feelings aren’t a priority to them? If so, do you need to tell them? If you believe others are more important than you to this person, do you need to distance yourself from this relationship? If you aren’t valued now, will you ever be?

Furthermore, if someone cut in line in front of you- are you concerned that others are getting special treatment and your successes are based purely on hard work and persistence? If this is the case do you need to call out those who are rewarding people who are undeserving of such promotions? 

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Perhaps you are unsure about someone or something and you are waiting a little longer before you make a decision about them or it. Maybe you want some more information before you come to a conclusion about whether to spend more time with someone or indeed, if an activity is worth your energy and effort.  If you could make someone else out in the dream, perhaps this is the very person who is trying to make it difficult for you to get some clarity. What is their motivation for preventing you from seeing the whole truth? If you were looking at blurry photos from your past, it’s possible your memories of your younger years have faded and you’re struggling to remember a lot of your youth. Do you need to bring these alive by talking to someone who was there with you?... 

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