To dream about a dog pound suggests there is something in your life that you no longer want, are willing to lose or give up. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

While this may not necessarily refer to a dog, even if you were taking one to the pound, the dream could represent something you are ready to part with or that you no longer see as having any value in your life. 

To pound (hit or beat) something in your dream could mean you have some pent up frustrations that you need to get out of your system. 

While hitting whatever it was in your dream might not be the solution, perhaps it was urging you to find a safer way to release these emotions in your waking hours. 

To feel or hear your heart pounding implies that you are nervous about something or someone- consider who else was with you in the dream for additional meaning. 

Is this thing worth getting all worked up over? Or if the person makes your heart race, do you need to tell them how you feel?

If a person was pounding on the door of your home and was insistent on coming in, it’s possible someone is trying to muscle their way into your life and you don’t want them to. It might be wise to tell them that they are not welcome in your world. 

Similarly, if someone was pounding their fists on a surface, who was with you in the dream and why are they demanding your attention? Do you need to tell them that you aren’t interested or that it’s not the right time?

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To see a single pound coin in your dream could mean you are about to fall on hard times, or perhaps you already have. Maybe you have to penny pinch now because of a job loss or unexpected outlay. While this will be a difficult period for you financially, try to adjust your spending accordingly and be sensible with your outgoings to give you a greater chance of seeing it through. 

On the other hand, if you were surrounded by piles of pound coins, maybe you have had a recent windfall or you are about to come into some money. If so, the dream might be encouraging you not to be frivolous with it and to invest or spend it wisely. 

To see lots of pounds on the scale indicates worries about your weight. Do you need to seek out some professional help to assist you in losing some? 

To see too few links in with the opposite- you are concerned that you weigh too little. Again, is there an expert in this area who could offer their guidance?

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