To dream about a quilt suggests that you are spending too much or too little time on self care. 

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

If the quilt was too heavy, too warm or too restrictive, perhaps you need to now think of those around you. If you have recouped some energy by focusing on yourself, it might be wise to now divert your attention to those who need some comfort. 

On the other side of the coin, if the quilt was too thin, too light and didn’t offer you much coverage, perhaps you need to spend more time on taking care of yourself. If you have given your all to everyone but yourself lately, it might be time to refuel. 

The quilt can also represent the support you feel you have from others. Consider who was with you in the dream and state of quilt for additional meaning. 

It’s possible you feel you need more or less support from the people in your waking hours. 

Do you need to tell those who are offering too much that they need to dial it back? Or do you need to ask for more help from those who are not stepping up?

If someone is devoting a lot of their time to keeping you safe perhaps you need to show them your thanks- the dream could be telling you that you are being ungrateful. Or maybe you feel guilty at receiving support from someone you think you shouldn’t be. 

A quilt can also be linked to pleasant circumstances and comfort. Perhaps this is something you yearn for right now if things have felt the opposite in your personal life. 


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