To dream about a rocket suggests that something has increased very rapidly or suddenly lately. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Consider the phrase- ‘the price rokeceted’- if you are worried about money, this could be due to a bill you didn’t see coming or something going up in price that you hadn’t accounted for. 

One the flipside, something else in your life may have rocketed such as some shares or your monthly wage and you are feeling good about it. The dream could be reminding you not to take this for granted. 

To see a rocket firework could simply mean you are looking forward to your Bonfire Night celebrations this year. If setting off some fireworks in your garden is a family tradition- perhaps what you seek is some quality time with parents, a partner, siblings or your children. 

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If the rocket exploded in your hand- you may have some anxiety about this time of year. Perhaps the rocket represents someone who is dangerous to be around. Consider who was in the dream with you for additional meaning. 

If you were watching the countdown before a rocket launch, it’s possible that you are feeling pressure to finish something in time. 

Consider how you felt about the countdown in your dream- if it was a positive experience perhaps you are glad that the time has arrived and you have completed everything you needed to. 

However if you felt some panic at the ticking down of the clock, it’s possible you haven’t done everything you wanted to- and you are sending something that’s not your best work out into the world. 

You may be worried about the repercussions it will have on other people. 

To sit on a rocket in a dream suggests quick progress- which may be something you want for a task or project in your waking hours. 

Perhaps you are looking for something to gain momentum quickly and get it ‘off the ground’ as fast as you can. 

The dream might be telling you to embrace this surge while you can as it won’t last forever. 

You may have had a powerful start to something but it will need continued input to keep it going at the same rate. 

With that said if you were falling off the rocket because it was going too fast, maybe you can’t keep up with the pace and need to slow things down because the situation is getting too big and you are losing grip. 

A rocket can also mean an severe reprimand- although an informal use of the word in Britain- it is worth noting as it could mean you need to discipline someone if they aren’t behaving how they should be- a child perhaps? Or maybe you are the one who needs to control your behaviour if you know that others disapprove of it. 

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To dream about a sparkler suggests that you are not content with seeing something from afar- you want to witness it close up and examine it more properly. Consider how you felt about the sparkler in the dream. If you were afraid of it, you may want to keep your distance from someone or something in your waking hours because you feel it’s too big a risk to be close to them or it… to read more click HERE 

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