The word stroke has many different meanings, so when you dream about a stroke it can have several different interpretations. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Let’s take each one in turn. 

A stroke can mean a movement made while swimming. If you were doing the breaststroke or the back stroke in your dream and you were finding it difficult, perhaps life is challenging for you right now. The dream could be telling you to keep on going until you get to the other side. Giving up and staying where you are could be dangerous. 

If you found it easy to take each stroke, perhaps you aren’t challenging yourself enough and a task you have set yourself or been given isn’t stretching you. Do you need to move on to something that makes you think more and that gives you a greater sense of satisfaction?

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Stroke can also mean hitting someone with a weapon. If you were hitting someone else, this could be a sign that you are putting someone else down or even bullying them in your waking hours. Explore your motivations for acting this way towards this person and find a means of channeling these negative feelings elsewhere. 

On the other hand, if someone was hitting you- it’s possible you feel like the victim at present. Do you need to make this other person aware of how their actions are affecting you? Or do you need to go above them and get help from their superior? 

To see a brush stroke in your dream could mean that you need to embrace a creative hobby such as painting once more. Have you abandoned an activity that once brought you joy?

When referring to health, a stroke is a change in the supply of blood to certain parts of the brain which can often result in lack of movement in the body. 

In dream terms, this might indicate a change in something in your waking hours that has hindered the progress of an activity or task. 

What has caused this change? If you can pinpoint what it is, perhaps you can prevent it from happening again if it was unwelcome in the first place.

If you were stroking a pet in a dream perhaps you need to calm someone down in your life right now. They may need your calming influence in order to look at a situation more rationally or to make a more considered decision. 

On the flipside, are you the person who needs to slow down and find some peace? If so, who can you call on to help with this?

Finally a stroke can mean hitting a ball with a bat- if you took a stroke in your dream and hit the ball, you may be striking the right chord with something or someone at present, however if you missed, it’s possible you are nearly there, but still missing the mark. Be prepared for some alterations and tweaks in order to get the result you really want.  

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