To dream about a tsunami suggests there is something on the horizon that threatens to overwhelm you because it is so large. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Consider what you are facing in your waking hours or indeed what you are about to face- a divorce, a break up, an illness, a death or a financial loss- to name a few- all of which are life changing events. 

Whatever is happening in your life right now is not a small problem and you are worried that it might all become too much to bear. 

If you think you will struggle to cope or are already stressed and feeling immense pressure- it may be time to do something about it, rather than waiting for it to get the better of you. Try not to surrender to it entirely- you still have some fight left in you. The more you try, the stronger your survival muscle will become. 

While these changes may not be within your control, it might be wise to get a grip of what you can to give you a sense of control however small it might be at this point.

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A tsunami is the result of undersea volcanic eruptions, so do you need to look to the source of the problem rather than the devastation it has caused? 

While the result may be quite shocking- to prevent it from happening again and hurting more people- you may need to dig deep and find the catalyst for all of this.  

It may help you to put things into perspective if you can establish what sparked it all off.  

On the other hand, perhaps you are someone who always jumps to conclusions and makes a big deal out of every situation you find yourself in. 

If you thrive on turning everything into a drama, the dream might be telling you not to react until you are in possession of all the facts. 

Making wild accusations or assumptions probably hasn’t served you well in the past- so why not try a new approach? 

You may be expecting some emotional trauma and although it will be incredibly hard to live through, burying your head in the sand won’t make it any easier as you will still need to deal with the discomfort at some point. Sooner rather than later means you can put it behind you faster. 

If you were surfing on top of a tsunami, perhaps you are trying everything in your power to stay abreast of the problem. You may have turned a seemingly negative situation into something that works FOR you and not against you. If so, see how far you can ride the wave if it stops you from being engulfed by a problem you have no idea how to solve. 

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Any large body of water usually represents your subconscious and the journey of some information from your subconscious to your conscious. Perhaps there is something you need to bring to the surface as keeping it buried deep within the depths of your mind is not really working for you… to read more click HERE  

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