To dream about a wager suggests you are willing to sacrifice something in your waking hours in the hope of gaining more. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If you wagered a lot of money in your dream, you might be willing to give up something significant in your life if it means there is the possibility of having or owning more than you currently have. 

Is it worth it or have you lost your sense of what really matters? Perhaps the thing you are about to give up is something you can afford to lose, but if not it may not be worth the risk. 

If you were wagering small amounts of money, the dream might be telling you not to let these little unhealthy habits get out of control. They have the potential to so keep a close eye on them. 

If you were wagering something in your dream- what did you stand a chance of winning? Whatever it was might give you some insight into what you really crave and desire in life. On the flipside, perhaps you yearn for something just because others do. Ask yourself- is it something you really want or have you been programmed to think you should?

If you were putting a wager down on a race, you may feel your odds are good in something in your waking hours. You are confident in your chances of winning. 

If you didn’t put any money down on a race or very little, perhaps you think your odds are poor and you are playing it safe. 

A wager is based on guessing the result of something, so the dream might be telling you not to predict what might happen but to rely on the facts. 

If wagering is something you have an addiction to, perhaps you need some professional help to loosen the grip that it has over you. If you stand to lose your home, your family, your job or your savings- it might be wise to stop and think carefully about your next move. 

It’s possible you often give people false hope because you use wager or words to that effect in conversation too often. In other words you tell people you are certain that something will come true or that things will happen a certain way when you don’t really know if they will or won’t. It’s just your opinion. People may be losing confidence in you if you continue to use this language. 

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