To dream about alcohol suggests that you may be on the verge of taking something too far. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Consider what in your life has the potential to escalate and keep a close eye on it. If you don’t- things could get messy. 

What is your relationship like with alcohol in your waking hours?

If it’s something you enjoy but never take to the excess, the dream might reflect how much you are looking forward to enjoying some social drinking in the future. 

SImilarly, it might be a result of times you’ve enjoyed where alcohol has been involved- typically social occasions that have fond memories for you. 

If you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, in that you always drink too much, perhaps the dream is a warning to you that there’s potential to lose control of something and you need to be extra careful right now. 

Don’t fall into old habits or get pushed into doing anything that you don’t want to. 

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If you never drink alcohol or have never touched a drop, it might represent trying something new. 

This doesn’t mean running for the nearest bottle but perhaps you are missing out by not giving something or someone a shot. 

Consider how you feel after you drink alcohol, if indeed you do. Does this correspond with the mood in the dream? Perhaps the dreamscape was trying to remind you that what seems like a good idea at the time often ends in regret and chaos. 

It might be wise to stop whatever it is you are doing now before it gets any worse. It may sound tempting and it may be hard to resist but it’s in your best interests that you do. 

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Perhaps you are too comfortable and you have become complacent. You may have stopped trying and expect everything to just be or come to you. Or maybe you crave to be in a comfortable place if you've had a period uncertainty in your waking life lately. You may see others are being in a more comfortable position than you and are jealous of how easy their life seems to be compared to yours. If you were giving the soup to someone else in the dream, it's possible you are in a good financial position right now and are able and willing to share your wealth with others. You are not being greedy with your good fortune- but generous...

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