If you were apologising to someone in your dream perhaps you have some regrets in your waking hours. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Have you recently said or done something that you are ashamed of? If so, who do you need to make amends with? 

It’s possible you feel you need to set something right in your life. Consider who else was in the dream with your for additional meaning. Do you need to undo a wrong that you have inflicted upon this person? Or have you wronged yourself? 

If someone was saying sorry to you in your dreamscape, perhaps you feel aggrieved at something this person has done to you in your waking hours. 

Is the dream telling you to let this go? Have you clung onto this resentment for long enough? If they were saying sorry repeatedly, this may be proof that they are truly remorseful for what they have done. Either forgive them and try to move on or walk away if you simply can’t accept their apology. 

Perhaps they don’t know that they have upset you and if so, maybe you need to make them aware of how their actions or words have affected you. 

You may be prepared to forgive them but whatever has happened between you is fresh and you believe that they should be the one to make the first move. Give it time and they will probably approach you. If not, perhaps they aren’t the person you thought they were. 

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If you are someone who says sorry often, the dream might be urging you to stop. Not everything is your fault or on you, so it may be prudent not to make this your default position. Try it and see how it feels for a change. 

If you are constantly apologising on behalf of someone else, it may be time for them to own up to the inconveniences or unhappiness that they regularly cause others. It’s not your responsibility, especially if they don’t make an effort to avoid such disappointments.

To apologise in a dreamscape can be a sign that you are expecting to hurt someone or anticipate that their feelings will be affected by your actions. Perhaps they will come to realise, while it might not seem like it at the time- you have their best intentions at heart. 

Another interpretation is that you have started out on something and can see already that it doesn’t have longevity or potential. The apology in the dream is inevitably what you will have to offer once you admit to others involved that it’s not going any further. 

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You seek comfort in implementing a regimented approach to as much as you physically can. While you may be content with everything being in order- perhaps the dream is telling you to loosen your grip a little. You can’t control everything and applying this intention to every area of your world might be hindering the more organic aspects of life- your relationships for example. If you feel that your controlling nature is driving your partner, children, friends, coworkers or family away- it may be wise to exercise some flexibility with these people. If you think you will struggle to make this change, perhaps some professional help would be beneficial. Where does your need to control things arise from? Try to pinpoint what first motivated you to orchestrate everything around you...

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