To dream about an optimist and its meaning is dependent on the type of person you are in your waking hours. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If you are a born optimist, perhaps the dream is telling you to continue spreading hope to those around you with your positive outlook on life. 

On the other hand if you are a known pessimist, the dream might be telling you to seek out someone who will be a positive influence on you. 

It’s possible you need to make an extra effort to shift your mindset if you constantly look to the bad instead of the good. 

Do you know anyone who is the opposite of you? Someone who feels that good things will happen? If so, perhaps you need to spend some time with them and see if their feelings about life rub off on you. Maybe they used to be just like you but something happened to them to help them get a new perspective. Context might be all you need to turn this around. 

Your pessimism may be impacting your mental health to such an extent that you’re struggling to enjoy any part of your life so it's worth turning it around while you still can. 

If you were the optimist in your dream and others around you didn’t welcome your approach, it’s possible you are aggravating people in your life at present. It may be a sign that you need to leave these people behind and seek out more like-minded individuals. 

If you know your optimism is catching and people are willing to listen to you- do you need to turn this into something more professional?

Could you be a public speaker or write a book about how to look on the bright side? Could you give motivational talks at your existing work? 

Perhaps you were once an optimist and you have lost your passion- what can you do to get this back? Consider what events led up to you losing your hopefulness. If you can pinpoint the moment it escaped you, what can you do to reverse this?

It could be that the people you spend your time with are bringing you down and you need a change of social circle. 

Does your job make you miserable? Does your relationship drain you? Or does the place you live offer you no inspiration? 

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