To dream about being first in a race, test or game could mean that you are about to enter a competition. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It goes without saying that if this is in your future, you will want to come first so perhaps the dream is a means of keeping you focused on the prize.

On the flipside, if this obsession with coming first is all encompassing, the dream could be telling you to look around and open yourself up to other things. 

It may not be as important in the grand scheme of things as you are making out. Are you being too competitive when there is no need to be?

With that said, if there was someone else in the dream with you, perhaps this person is pushing you too hard in your waking hours. 

It’s possible you aren’t the best at something, but you are very good all the same. This someone needs to recognise that you are not always going to be top despite being gifted in your craft- and that’s ok. 

Similarly, if there was no one else in the dream with you and you were the one determined to get first place, are you pushing yourself too hard? 

Perhaps you need to work within your capabilities rather than striving for something that is out of your reach. Be realistic. 

To dream about struggling to come first could mean that you want to be someone’s first priority, but you are fighting against other things or people to get there. 

Maybe you feel second best in your relationship or at home with a sibling. 

Are you really second best or is this feeling attributed to some deeper insecurities you have? 

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If you are indeed low down on the list of someone’s priorities, do you need to tell them you want more? Or leave this friendship or relationship altogether if you are not getting what you want? 

Another thought when dreaming about a first is that you are about to begin something. 

You are at the first hurdle or the first attempt, the first opportunity or the first step. You are at the start of your journey, and it may seem like there’s a long way to go, but the dream could be urging you to persevere and to make it to the subsequent steps in the process. 

The dream might be reassuring you that with firsts there is a lot of uncertainty, mistakes and regrets. This is particularly true if you felt negativity in the dream- don’t let it get you down- no one gets it right the first time round. 

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