If you dream that you are single, but you aren’t in your waking hours, you may need to stand up for yourself on some issue in your relationship.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Perhaps you need to approach something on your own instead of with others.

On the other hand, the dream could be a metaphor for being ‘singled out’- is someone trying to make an example of you by turning everyone’s attention on you?

Dreaming of being single is also a sign that you are open to new opportunities and change. Is it time to apply for a new job? Go travelling? Meet new people? Start a new hobby? Move to another location?

You may feel like you can do whatever you want because you have a new-found freedom. Perhaps you are newly single, or maybe you are simply free of a longstanding burden. You no longer feel tied down to a person or situation and it’s a positive in your life.

More negatively, you may feel that you are not being cared for by someone and you yearn to be. You may be suffering from feelings of loss or disappointment and seek comfort. Perhaps old habits are not serving you as well as they used to and you need to make new ones.

Dreaming of being single might be linked to the fear of losing your significant other. Examine why you feel this way- can you do anything to reduce this fear?

Singledom can also be a good indicator that your relationship is turning stale. What can you do to freshen things up?

Or maybe you sense that your partnership is coming to an end and you are looking for someone who better matches your morals and interests.

Consider if leaving your partner is really the answer- can you work on it or will you ultimately feel happier in the long term if you part ways now?

Source: www.dreammoods.com

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