To dream about having control suggests you have a firm grasp on things in your waking hours. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You seek comfort in implementing a regimented approach to as much as you physically can. 

While you may be content with everything being in order- perhaps the dream is telling you to loosen your grip a little. 

You can’t control everything and applying this intention to every area of your world might be hindering the more organic aspects of life- your relationships for example.

If you feel that your controlling nature is driving your partner, children, friends, coworkers or family away- it may be wise to exercise some flexibility with these people. 

If you think you will struggle to make this change, perhaps some professional help would be beneficial. 

Where does your need to control things arise from? 

Try to pinpoint what first motivated you to orchestrate everything around you. 

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Do you feel part of your life is slipping away? Perhaps this has made you want to control everything else to compensate for this loss.  

Was your childhood chaotic so you yearned for control as soon as you were old enough to govern your own affairs?

If someone else had the control in your dream, perhaps you feel powerless right now. 

This may or may not be related to a person however if it is, are you comfortable being submissive or would you rather take charge? 

Do you need to tell this person that you won’t tolerate their manipulation anymore? 

If they don’t realise that their behaviour is overbearing- perhaps you need to discuss the effects with them.  

If you lost control in your dreamscape, do you feel that things are unravelling in your waking hours? 

If so, what can you do to reverse this or at least minimise the damage? 

If you struggle with self control in terms of detrimental habits such as smoking, excessive eating or drinking- perhaps you should seek out some help from experts in the field. 

If you haven’t been able to tackle these temptations on your own- it may be time to welcome the advice from someone else who is trained in this area.

If you believe that you have no control over any part of your life- perhaps you need to start small and tackle one thing at a time if doing it all seems too overwhelming for you.

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Are you involving yourself in someone else’s affairs when it’s not wanted or indeed needed? If so, it might be wise to focus on your own life as this is ultimately what should be the most important thing to you. If you were setting up your own business, perhaps the dream is encouraging you to think about what life might look like if you were to go it alone and not rely on someone else for your wage. Is starting your own business something you have considered before? Or working for yourself? Are you ready to make the break and see where it will take you or do you have things to put in place first? If you were striking a business deal, perhaps you want those around you to make some compromises for your sake or maybe you are the one who needs to be more flexible in your waking hours...

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