To dream about cotton might refer to someone in your life who is lovely and soft as a person.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Could you benefit from adopting more of their ways if you feel you lack these attributes?

This might also refer to you. While these are admirable qualities- the dream could be telling you to toughen up in certain areas of your life if this attitude is allowing people to walk all over you.

Try to remember how the cotton felt- if it was rough or taught- it may represent someone who is uptight in your life right now. How can you help them to relax?

The inflexibility of the fabric might symbolise you too. If you are feeling wound up right now- what can you do to relax? What is causing you to feel so anxious?

If you were making a garment out of cotton, you may have easier times ahead financially. With that said, if you were working in a cotton factory- you may have a period of difficulty in the near future.

Similarly, if you saw a wedding dress made from cotton, you are going to have to live frugally for the foreseeable future.

If there was cotton thread in your dream, it’s possible you are going to mend someone’s broken heart or help to bring two people back together romantically.

Is your relationship under strain? Perhaps the cotton thread means that you will be the first one to make a move in bettering your own love life if your partner isn’t willing or forthcoming with a solution.

If you were surrounded by cotton and cotton thread, this could mark the beginning of a new venture for you. You have ideas and the tools to be able to make them happen, but you just need to begin. The dream could be giving you the nudge you need to get going.

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