To dream of being hot suggests that you are passionate about something or someone in your waking hours. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

There is an intensity in the way you feel about this person or thing. Is this healthy or are your feelings too much for the recipient or the situation? It may be time to temper these emotions if they are not appropriate. 

Perhaps you were hot from doing some exercise, in which case, you may be pushing yourself hard in something at present. Be careful not to take things too far as you could do some permanent damage. Are you pressuring yourself into something because you feel you should do it rather than because you want to? Or is someone else forcing you into a situation you would rather avoid?

The dream is dependent on how you feel about being hot when you’re awake- if it is something that you avoid and that makes you uncomfortable- perhaps you have found yourself in a situation that you have reacted badly to and want to escape. 

Similarly if being hot makes you agitated, someone or something might be causing some irritation in your world. Or maybe you are in the middle of some sort of conflict in your personal or professional life. 

On the other hand, if you enjoy feeling hot and seek out warmer climbs, it’s possible you are right where you want to be. The dream might be telling you not to take it for granted.  

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To be hot because of an illness in a dream could indicate a need for professional help. Perhaps you are worried about getting an illness or fear you may already have it. It may be time to get checked out. 

Consider who was in the dream with you as hot can also refer to a desire for someone. You may think they are hot or you are hot for them. Perhaps you are attracted to someone and haven't told them how you feel. With that said, if you are drawn to someone who is not a good match for you, it may be wise to try and distance yourself from this person and find a way to encourage these feelings to fade. 

Phrases such as ‘hot off the press’ and ‘hot from the oven’ suggest that something is fresh and new to you. Have you recently received some news or found yourself in a different situation? Perhaps you need to give yourself time to adjust to the changes happening in your life. 

‘Hot gossip’ implies that there is something that might be of immediate interest to you. The dream might be preparing you for some information in the near future that will be irresistible to you. 

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