To dream about flapping suggests you are agitated or panicky about something in your life right now. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

What is causing you the most stress? Try to pinpoint what is the source of this worry and figure out what you can do to fix it. 

If it’s someone else who is getting you all worked up, perhaps you need to spend less time with this person or tell them how their attitude to life is making you feel. It’s possible they don’t know how much their outbursts are affecting you. 

If the case of your anxiety is due to something that is out of your control, it might be wise to talk to a trusted friend who you know is always the voice of reason and will make you look at things more rationally. 

If it is within your control, then it may help you to make a plan of how you can exit this frame of mind. What can you change to make you feel less nervous. 

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If you saw a bird flapping its wings and flying away in your dreamscape, this might represent a yearning to escape your current situation. If you are unhappy- what can you change to make your life feel more fulfilling? This could be something significant like a change of career, location or relationship or something smaller like a mindset shift. Only you will know which. 

To see a baby bird flapping its wings but struggling to take off- perhaps you are still learning how to do something in your life right now. Perhaps you have started a new job or a new hobby and you are still getting to grips with the basics. If this is the case, be kind and gentle with yourself- everyone struggles at first, but you will find your feet eventually. 

On the flipside, if you saw a bird flapping and flying away without a struggle, perhaps the dream is telling you that you are ready to go it alone. You have done all the preparation you can and you are in a position to go solo- you should feel proud of how far you’ve come. 

To see the flap of an envelope or a tent, could mean that you are keen to know what is happening behind the scenes. You are being shielded by something or someone and you want to know the truth. The dream might be encouraging you to ‘lift the flap’ and see what is going on underneath so you have the full picture. Consider who else was with you in the dream for greater meaning as this could be the very person who is hiding something from you. 

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If you are angry or upset about something that’s going on in your life at present, it may be wise to talk to someone about it before you make a spectacle of yourself or before you verbalise your thoughts. Along the same vein, if you are someone who is easily agitated, is there something you can do or someone you can see to help you to move away from this natural reaction? It could be that you tend to get in a panic or frenzy and it’s driving people away or hurting you professionally so it might be prudent to do something about it now, before it’s too late. Consider who was in the dream with you for additional meaning as this could be the very person who is trying to provoke a reaction in you because they know you always respond in this way. More simply, perhaps the dream is urging you to take a breath and to think before you react to something the way you normally would. Perhaps this particular situation deserves more consideration. Maybe, there is nothing to get in a flap about at all and you have misread the context… to read more click HERE

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