To dream about gambling suggests that you are taking chances during your waking hours or at least thinking about it. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps these chances carry little risk, in which case they may be worth taking, however if there is some danger involved or a lot to sacrifice if you lose- you may need to think twice about your next move.

Consider how much you were gambling in the dream for additional meaning- a few coins could indicate a small risk, however wads of notes might be linked to something bigger. 

It’s possible you are considering putting something at stake like your job, money, relationship or your home for the possibility of getting something else. 

Is it worth putting any or all of things in jeopardy? Perhaps the thing you yearn for isn’t as good as you’ve built it up to be in your mind. Think about what you stand to lose if you were to be frivolous with the things that matter most. 

Have you recently gambled something and lost? The dream could be telling you not to make this same mistake again- to learn from this experience, however difficult it is to accept. 

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Maybe you have taken a chance and your life has improved as a result- in which case don’t take this windfall for granted and don’t try and reverse it by making careless decisions. It is unlikely that you will fall lucky twice. 

To dream about a gambling site such as AmericaGambles could mean you want to dip your toe in something and try it out from a safe place before you commit to it wholeheartedly. 

Testing the water might be a gateway to something you come to love, or it might help you to see that it’s not for you. 

Along the same vein, perhaps you want to try something in life but don’t like all the things that come along with it. 

For instance gambling doesn’t have to mean travelling and seeing other people, it can be a solitary activity. The dream might be acting as a reminder to you that you don’t always have to do something in the traditional way.  

If you were gambling in your dream and never have before, perhaps you want to try something new. You are discontented with your life and feel it needs something more- something different. 

Gambling can be addictive, so seeing this action in your dreamscape could be related to some other addiction you have in your life at present. Do you need some help to loosen the grip this has on you?

Are you someone who plays it safe all the time? Perhaps you would benefit from taking a gamble once in a while. If so, what could you say yes to just to see how it goes?

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