If you dream about the cartoon character Goofy or goofy behaviour, it suggests that you are trying to be silly in a time when you need to be serious. 

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Perhaps this is your way of coping with bad situations, however it may not be appropriate right now. 

It’s possible you know someone like this and their attitude towards a present situation feels wrong to you. It may be wise to talk to them about the way they are handling things. Even more so if their behaviours are affecting not only you but others too. 

On the flipside, do you need to be a bit more goofy amidst the current circumstances? Perhaps this is just what you need if things have got too serious lately and you have no other outlet. You could even seek out others who are doing the same and join in with them. 

Do you feel embarrassed about something you’ve done lately? Perhaps you were ridiculous in a situation where you didn’t need to be. Maybe you need to apologise to someone for making a fool of yourself. 

If this is a persistent trait of yours, it might be time to ask yourself why you always act this way. What do you think it will achieve? If you think there is nothing wrong with it right now, consider how it may impact your future self. 

Has someone in your waking hours shamed themselves? If so, they might be looking to you for some forgiveness or leniency. 

Has someone made a fool out of you lately? Perhaps you never noticed at the time but on reflection, you’ve come to realise that this person isn’t worth your efforts.

Along the same vein, if someone takes joy in making you look silly, perhaps you need to confront them and explain why this is no longer acceptable. 

Source: www.dreambible.com

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