If you were herding animals in your dream it suggests you are trying to get a number of people on board with an idea. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps not everyone agrees with your plan and it’s proving difficult thanks to the bad attitude of some of those involved. 

This is especially true if in trying to gather the animals together, some of them had their own agenda and went wandering off. 

It’s possible you need to push on anyway as you can’t please everyone and even if it’s against their wishes, you may have no choice but to persist. 

On the other hand, if the animals you were herding behaved themselves, you might be in the fortunate position of having the full support of those around you. 

The term ‘herding cats’ refers to a job that is challenging because you are constantly fighting a losing battle. 

If you are ok with this constant back and forth, this might be the job for you, however if you find it overwhelming, perhaps the dream is an indication to you that you need do something different. Even more so if you don’t have the full backing from your team. 

Perhaps the dream is telling you that you’re making hard work out of something that doesn’t need to be. 

Maybe you are going about something the wrong way and there is an easier approach- you’re just missing it. 

Herding can also refer to looking after something, so consider what or who you were looking after in your dream. Does this person or thing need more of your attention in your waking hours?

Or do you need to take greater care of yourself? Perhaps you have been focused so much on others lately, you’ve forgotten to look after your own needs and you and others are suffering as a consequence. 

If you were among others who were being herded into a small space, perhaps you feel your choices have been significantly reduced lately. You may be going with the flow, but you don’t have to- can you break away from this accepted norm and do something different?

Consider the phrase ‘herd mentality’- the dream might be urging you to think for yourself rather than going along with the majority. Just because everyone else is heading in one direction doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right one of the best path for you. 

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