To dream about home suggests a sense of normalcy in your life right now. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You may be feeling comfortable with the the way things are at present and don’t want them to change. Someone might be threatening the delicate balance you have created. Think about who was in the dream with you- this might be the very person who is looking to shake things up. 

It’s possible you have recently gone through a time of turmoil and things have started to settle down again. You may be glad that parts of your life have returned to normal after this period of uncertainty. 

On the other hand, you might be someone who sees comfort as a sign that you should move on because you are dangerously close to getting into a rut with someone or something you spend your time on. 

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Perhaps something has come along lately that has a sense of familiarity or security- feelings brought about by a happy home. It could also apply to a person- someone new might be making you feel the same warmth that home offers. 

The dream could be telling you that this is a positive sign and one that you should trust in. 

Consider the phrase ‘at home’ perhaps you are feeling this way about something in your life that you have now become used to. You are recently settled after a period of readjustment or change. 

Think about what home means for you. If you had a happy childhood in a stable home, this might have positive connotations for you, however if you had a miserable childhood and associate home with bad things, the dream might be one of a negative nature. 

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