To dream about hope suggests you really want something to happen in your waking hours.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Consider what was going on in your dreamscape or who was there to offer greater insight into what you yearn for. 

Perhaps hope is all you have left because something is out of your hands in your life at present. 

You may have done all you can do and it’s up to someone else to fix what needs fixing. Leave it to the experts. 

The dream might be telling you not to let go of hope if it’s helping you to focus on something during a difficult time. 

If you had lost all hope in your dream, perhaps things aren’t looking very positive for you or someone else in your life right now. 

This loss might reflect how you are feeling in your waking hours. If you consider yourself to be truly hopeless, it may be time to seek out some professional help or talk to someone you trust. 

If something you have been hoping for came true in the dream, perhaps it is aligned with something that has finally come to fruition in your waking hours. 

Your dream might simply reflect the joy you’ve been feeling when you’re awake.  

On the other hand, if you have been hoping for something to happen and it did in your dream but hasn’t in your waking life, perhaps it is telling you not to lose faith. 

It may still happen for you- but it’s probably best not to hang all your hopes on this one thing in case it doesn’t. 

If someone was called Hope in your dream- this person could play a significant role in your success in the future. 

It may be wise to stay close to this person if you feel that they are the key to your happiness. 

The word ‘hope’ means you usually have good reason to think that something will happen or come true, so maybe you are feeling positive that things will be ok in the end. 

While this is a good attitude to have, try not to let the ‘probability’ turn into ‘certainty’ in your own mind or you will only feel disappointment if it doesn’t go the way you want it to. 

This goes for your internal thoughts as well as what you openly discuss with others. 

Momentum gatherers when people all share the same thought process. When this is based on little more than hope, it has the potential to lead to sadness on a large scale if things take a negative turn.

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Have you recently said or done something that you are ashamed of? If so, who do you need to make amends with? It’s possible you feel you need to set something right in your life. Consider who else was in the dream with your for additional meaning. Do you need to undo a wrong that you have inflicted upon this person? Or have you wronged yourself? If someone was saying sorry to you in your dreamscape, perhaps you feel aggrieved at something this person has done to you in your waking hours. Is the dream telling you to let this go? Have you clung onto this resentment for long enough? If they were saying sorry repeatedly, this may be proof that they are truly remorseful for what they have done. Either forgive them and try to move on or walk away if you simply can’t accept their apology.

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