To dream about hopping suggests that you are feeling very lively or active in your waking hours right now. 

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

The dream might be urging you to channel this energy into something worthwhile rather than wasting it. 

Perhaps you are overdoing it and need to dial back your enthusiasm for something. 

Consider the phrase ‘hopping mad’- are you angry with someone or something in your life at present? If this sounds like the place you are in, it’s possible you need to find a healthy way to release this anger. 

If it is fresh, maybe you need to give yourself some time to calm down before you act or say anything. 

If you are someone who hops from one thing to another like your job, your hobbies, the way you decorate or dress it may be time for change. 

The dream could be a sign that you need to stick with one thing and give it a chance, especially if you are ready to move onto something new. There is joy and satisfaction to be found in longevity if you let yourself experience it once in a while.  

This might transfer to your relationships too. Perhaps you are someone who doesn’t stick with the same romantic partner for too long, or maybe you don’t maintain your friendships and just move on when you get bored of a person’s company. 

It might be prudent to try and sustain something for longer than the period of time you generally allow. You may find that it’s worthwhile in the end.

The very act of hopping up and down on one leg creates instability for the body, so it’s possible you don’t feel as secure as you’d like to right now. What can you do to prevent a wobble or worse a fall in your world? 

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