To dream about hypnosis suggests that you have been in a trance like state in your waking hours and it’s time to snap out of it. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you are missing out on important things and interactions with people because you are not dedicating all your focus to those around you and the tasks that need to get done. 

If this is in response to a trauma, it may be time to seek some professional help. If not- and you are simply tuning out of things that are going on around you- ask yourself why you are so unfocused. Once you know the source of your lack of passion, you may be able to get your mind back on track once more. 

If you suffer from anxiety, phobias, weight struggles, bad habits, poor sleep or hot flashes, it’s possible you have considered hypnotherapy before. If you are struggling with one of the above and nothing else has worked, perhaps the dream is giving you the nudge to pursue this form of therapy.

The dream is also dependent on how you feel about hypnosis in your waking hours. If you believe it to be nonsense, the dream might be referring to something else that you deem a waste of time.

With that said, if you dreamed about hypnosis and you think it is a valid treatment for the aforementioned issues, perhaps you are willing to try something new and are open to a different approach. 

One common misconception of hypnosis is that it is a form of mind control or brainwashing. If you believe this, perhaps you feel that someone is trying to do this to you in your waking hours. If there was someone else with you in the dream this could be the very person you are concerned about- even more so if they were the hypnotist. 

On the other hand, if you were attempting to hypnotise someone, there may be a person in your life whom you are trying to manipulate or influence. If this sounds familiar, what are your reasons for doing this?

Hypnosis is defined as ‘a state of highly focused attention’ so it’s possible you aren’t giving someone the attention they deserve and the dream is alerting you to this abandonment of your responsibilities. Similarly, if you are not giving something your full attention, perhaps it’s time you did or you could risk losing the very thing that is hugely important to you. 

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