To dream about jelly or jam suggests you are doing something in order to make yourself feel better right now. 

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

It may not be all that good for you but you are looking to give yourself a little lift in any way you can. 

Perhaps it would help to address the underlying issue, rather than trying to mask it with short lived distractions. 

If you are going through a difficulty or are ‘in a jam’ right now and these small wins are keeping you going, the dream might be telling you to continue, however recognise that they are not the long term solution. 

If the jelly or jam was homemade, the dream might be making a reference to your family. 

Perhaps you are missing them and so you may feel better if you get in touch with those you are about the most. 

If you were making jam or jelly, it’s possible you need to need to do something from scratch in order to enjoy it to the fullest rather than relying on convenience. 

You may be taking the easy way out every time when the longer route is far more fulfilling. 

Or maybe you just need to make jam. 

If the jam or jelly was accompanied by peanut butter, this might refer to a winning combination in your life at present. Perhaps you are getting along with someone well or maybe you have found a natural pairing in something and you are glad to have discovered this new duo. 

To dream about jam also suggests that you are packing too much into an area of your life. 

Too many activities into your days, too much work into your life or too many bad things into your body to name a few.

Consider what you are doing to the excess and try to take a step back from it. Everyone needs space to thrive so give yourself some room to grow.  

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