To dream about medicine suggests that you have found a solution to a problem in your life.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps this has been ongoing or maybe it’s a new issue- but something or someone has come along that has solved it for you.

Maybe you have been proactive in solving this problem and you need to give yourself more credit for finding a suitable answer.

Medicine can also represent things that balance or heal you when you are going through a period of bad health or uncertain time for instance.

Have you found something lately that makes you feel better in your day to day life? A new exercise? A new way of eating? A new habit you’ve formed that is positive for both body and mind?

Medicine can also reflect situations that you aren’t fond of but are necessary or kind in the grand scheme of things.

An example of this could be an uncomfortable conversation that will ultimately lead to a stronger relationship with someone close to you or attending an event that will mean more to someone else than it will to you.

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The dream could be telling you that you may not like something but- a short period of discomfort will lead to better things.

Consider the phrase ‘taste of their own medicine’- have you taught someone else a lesson lately by showing them the error of their ways? Have you treated them in the same way in which they treated you? If so, was this the best approach? Or could there be another way next time?

Perhaps you are the one who has seen things in a new perspective. Has someone made you aware of some hypocrisies in your own behaviours? The dream might be assuring you that this needed to happen in order to better yourself.

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Seeing a nurse could mean that you need to heal from something and be nurtured right now. This might refer to your emotional, psychological or physical health. On the other hand, perhaps you feel that you’re not being cared for as well as you should be. You may be in need of a caretaker. If a nurse was in your home then someone under your roof might suffer from illness, however if a nurse was leaving your house then you or whoever you live with might have recovered from something recently...

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