To dream about mulling things over could mean you are giving something a lot of thought and consideration in your waking hours. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

What is taking up a lot of your mental energy right now? The dream could be telling you that it’s time to make a decision. Maybe you’ve been contemplating whatever this is for too long and you need to move on and make it history. 

On the flipside, perhaps you haven’t deliberated over something as much as you should. If you’ve underestimated this choice, maybe it’s time to take it more seriously. 

Are you someone who tends to overthink everything that happens in your life? It may be wise to give yourself some space to breathe rather than live in perpetual reflection. Is this tendency to dwell affecting your closest relationships? Some professional help could be just what you need. 

On the other hand, are you the type of person who jumps into things without much consideration for the consequences? 

If so, do you need to think before you act? Perhaps you have been lucky so far and it could go wrong for you if you were to continue with these spontaneous behaviours. 

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If you were mulling spices in your dream, it’s possible you feel your life needs more flavour right now. What can you do to make it more exciting? What can you add in to give it a boost?

Consider who was with you in the dream- could a relationship benefit from being spiced up in your waking hours? Perhaps things have gone stale with a romantic partner and you want to reignite the flame that once burned between you.  

To drink mulled wine in a dream implies that you are missing the recent festivities. What happened around this time that meant so much to you? Was it the food? The company? The gifts? The feeling of togetherness?

Take these elements and if you can, apply them to the present if you yearn for them once again. And if you can’t do these things right now, make some plans so you can look forward to them in the near future. 

If the Christmas period has the potential to be much different (in a positive way) this year- would it be prudent to channel your efforts into making it one to remember to compensate for last year?

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If you were the one who was being protected, someone may be dealing with an issue on your behalf or sorting something out for you to save you from having to. In which case, you might be feeling relieved right now. On the flipside, if someone was keeping you safe, perhaps you are too reliant on others and need to deal with things yourself from now on. To dream about protection can represent barriers that you have put up in your waking hours to avoid potential pain or disruption. Is it time to take these down and face the realities you’ve been trying to hide from? If you were the one doing the protecting- perhaps you are trying to avoid something by focusing on someone else or shielding them from something as a diversion tactic?... to read more click HERE

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