To dream about regifting something suggests there are things in your life that you don’t want. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

These could be physical items or bad habits, ways of thinking or patterns of behaviour that aren’t serving you. 

How can you rid yourself of these things? The dream might be telling you to cleanse them from your life sooner rather than later so you can start to feel lighter and better about yourself. 

Perhaps you feel you have something that would be of greater benefit to someone else. In which case do you need to pass it onto them and simultaneously relieve yourself of the burden?

If things keep entering your life that you don’t want- do you need to go to the source or the supplier of the things? This could be having a conversation with someone in your life who is a passionate gift giver, a company that sends you freebies or a brand that posts you junk mail.  

If you don’t stop it at the source, this influx of stuff will continue to enter your life. 

If you were regifting something to someone in your dream- it’s possible you need to be more resourceful with the items you don’t want. 

Perhaps you are too quick to dispose of unwanted things from your home when they could have a better use. One that can save you money. 

Pay attention to the item you were regifting as this might show you what you have too much of in your life or what you really don’t like. 

Perhaps you’ve been conditioned to think something belongs in your home when it doesn’t have to. This could be something that has been forced on you because it’s an heirloom or because all of your family has the same item. 

If the receiver of the regifted item was happy- it’ possible you prioritise making other people happy over things. You would rather give something of your own away if it brings a smile to a person’s face. Be careful not to give too much away to the point where you are struggling. 

To begrudgingly give someone a gift that was originally yours means you have a close attachment to things. You struggle to let things go, even if you know you will never use them. Is this something you need to work on if stuff is taking over your life?

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