If you were rescuing someone in your dream perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by something in your waking hours and want someone to come to your aid.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

If you want to escape a problem that is looming large in your life, it’s possible therefore you dreamed of helping someone else. You want someone to save you from this pressure.

Are you burdened with something right now? Perhaps you feel like you are the one who must keep things going and be strong for everyone else.

If you are helping someone through a difficult time in their life, this can also filter through into your dreamscape and manifest itself as rescue. You may be doing all you can within your power to try and be there for this person.

Are you trying to keep two people together? A friendship that is breaking down or a relationship that has lost the love?

The dream could be telling you to save yourself. Perhaps the answer lies in your own actions and not relying on someone else to get you out of a sticky situation.

This type of dream can also be synonymous with feelings of sacrifice. What do you think you are giving up in life for the greater good? It’s possible you are putting up with something at present that isn’t pleasant, but you know that in the end it will be worth the temporary discomfort.

The dream might be associated with your health and trying to stop something affecting your wellbeing that you see as a potential risk.

Think about who you were rescuing- if it was a bad person- this could be mirroring your tendency towards negative habits. Your subconscious might be telling you to try and replace your vices with actions that will benefit you.

If you were being rescued, there might be someone in your life who is your rock right now. It could also be symbolic of you finally finding the strength to stand up to something and confront an issue that’s been hanging over you.

On the flipside, you may feel alone at present if you needed to be rescued but no one came. Perhaps you need help but are reluctant to ask for it. Now might be the time to admit that you can’t do something on your own.

Source: www.dreambible.com

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