To dream about surfing suggests you are simply going with the flow in your waking hours.

We find out what it means to dream about surfing

We find out what it means to dream about surfing

Perhaps you are in the middle of a negative situation at present and you feel that this is the best approach.

Or maybe you allow conditions to stay as they are in difficult situations because you know from past experience that it’s easier this way. With that said was it better even if it was easier?

On the flipside, you may be someone who can ride out challenging situations in your life. You are able to adjust easily when change occurs, and it doesn’t fill you with the same fear it does in other people. Could someone benefit from your adopting your way of thinking?

Perhaps you are someone who enjoys new challenges, taking risks and embraces danger rather than shying away from it. The dream could be telling you to be more careful if you are being too reckless.

This might be out of choice, or perhaps you feel you have to appear cool and laid back to stay strong for others. Maybe this is your way of handling anything new or scary that comes along. It’s possible, you prefer to pretend that you have it all together when inside you are terrified.

Do you want your life to be more thrilling than it is now? Perhaps you are worried that your waking hours are not exciting enough, and you need to do something to make them more memorable.

If you were navigating the waves well, you may have control over something in your life right now, however if the waves were pulling you under, you may have little power or influence when you’re awake. How can you put yourself back in the driver’s seat again?


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